Our Patriotic Cause

Writing is proven therapy–a good, safe and easily accessible way to process thoughts, feelings, ideas and trauma.

Seeing your work published can heal and build self-esteem.

It can mean so much to a veteran when a story, poem or artwork is published in Veterans’ Voices magazine Veterans are looking for a helping hand like you to bolster their self-esteem, ease their mind and make them proud to have served our country. VVWP has gone to great lengths to instill in the hearts of veterans a pride of accomplishment, a reward for an endeavor well done. For many veterans, seeing their poetry, prose, and artwork in print can be the boost that they need to help get over depression, emotional trauma or moral injury. More than one veteran has gone on to have a book published, and they still regularly contribute to the magazine.

One of those veterans, Van Garner, was always encouraged when he saw his writing in print. As a former mental patient, Van knew the value of a friend, someone who is there in bad times as well as good times. Van believed, in a way, VVWP saved his life, lifting him up from the bottom when he needed it.

“VVWP is that friend that guided me from the darkness of myself into a light of trust for tomorrow,” wrote Van.

Every issue of Veterans’ Voices contains the writing and artwork of veterans from nearly every state. Manuscripts and letters from veterans express how thrilled they are to see their remembrances and compositions in print. You can help this long-standing American tradition to carry on by volunteering your time, your skill, and your energy to this most patriotic cause.

The continuation of VVWP depends on you!

Hear from Veterans Like You

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If you are a veteran, manuscripts and graphic art are accepted online year-round. You can submit online by starting with your registration details below. The editors reserve the right to edit copy for grammar, clarity, accuracy, style and length, as well as cultural and personal sensitivities. By submitting writing for the magazine, authors agree to this condition.

All submissions are reviewed by VVWP editors, who determine which ones are to appear in the magazine and online. Only manuscripts that follow submission guidelines will be considered for publication. The opinions expressed in the stories and poems published in Veterans’ Voices are solely those of the author.

Graphic art submitted online should be at least 300 dpi and smaller than 3 MB. A graphic arts editor will judge all entries and choose those to be published.
If you are submitting a photograph please complete and submit this release.

Please contact us if you have any questions.