Submission Guidelines for Veterans’ Voices

Any military veteran or active service person may submit original writing or artwork for publication consideration by the editors. Material previously published in a VAMC publication is ACCEPTABLE; copyrighted material is NOT ACCEPTABLE for the magazine. Once work has been submitted, please do not resubmit the same story or poem. Instead, wait and watch for the material to appear in the magazine, on the VVWP web site, and/or on Facebook. Be patient and remember that editors work up to six months in advance of the magazine publication date.

Instructions for Writing Submissions.

The editors prefer that writers and artists submit their work online.
To submit writing online, go to and select Registration.

Once on the page, complete the registration form by typing your name, username, password, email and other profile information. If you don’t have an email, please use one from a relative or friend. Now click Register and you will be directed to a login page. Log in by entering your username and password that you just set up.

Once you have successfully logged in, go to the MAKE A NEW SUBMISSION section of your account page and click BROWSE AND UPLOAD. Now select whether you want to submit a prose, poem or artwork piece. Once selected, fill out the title of your submission and upload your submission. For writings, we accept Word files (doc or docx) or text files (txt). For artwork, we accept jpg. You can also submit a picture the supports your writing using the Choose File button. Please be mindful of the size of your files as our website has sizing limits in place for all uploads.

Click UPLOAD TO VETERANS VOICES. When your submission is successfully uploaded, you will be redirected back to your account page where the submission will be listed under the YOUR SUBMISSIONS section. To review, download or remove your submission, click REVIEW OR DOWNLOAD TO YOUR COMPUTER under your submission entry. You cannot make edits to your submission, but you re-upload by clicking the Remove and Upload Again button.

Guidelines for Local Contests.

Writing contests can encourage others to write. Announce such contests through publications and bulletin boards. Prizes might be cash, books, gift certificates, or publication in a hospital newsletter. Send Award-winning stories, poems or artwork to VVWP for possible publication in Veterans’ Voices.