Awards and Prizes

If your writing is published in Veterans’ Voices, you quality to possibly receive one of these awards and prizes below.

Please note Veterans’ Voices’ prize structure includes three Founders’ Awards honoring Elizabeth L. Fontaine, Gladys Feld Helzberg and Margaret Sally Keach. Contributors to Veterans’ Voices receive $10 for every published story, poem or drawing. Photographers receive $5 for every published photograph. Published submissions also qualify for special awards made possible by generous donors. Those awards are listed below.

Founders’ Awards

  • Elizabeth L. Fontaine Memorial Award: Story expressing compassion and understanding (Perpetual) – $50
  • Gladys Feld Helzberg Memorial Award: Best Poem (Perpetual) – $50
  • Margaret Sally Keach Memorial Award: Story or Poem about What Veterans’ Voices Means to Me (Perpetual) – $50

Stories — Fact or Fiction

  • David A. Andrews, Jr. Memorial Award: Prose reminiscing about learned values by Kathy Andrews – $25
  • Gladys M. Canty Memorial Award, by Northern Virginia Chapter 33, WAC Veterans Association – $15
  • DAVA, Arlington-Fairfax Chapter 10 Award – 1st Prize $ 60; 2nd Prize $40
  • DAV, Ernestine Schumann-Heink Chapter 2: Military Service Award (Perpetual) – 1st prize $60; 2nd Prize $40
  • DAVA, State Dept. of Kansas Award (Story) – $ 25
  • VFW Auxiliary, Dept. of Kansas Award: Personal Story (Perpetual) – $25
  • Pallas Athene Best Story Award, by National Women’s Army Corps Veterans Association (Perpetual) – $25
  • WAC Veterans’ Association, Arizona Roadrunners Chapter 119 Award: Written by a woman veteran – $25
  • American Legion, Elvis Presley Post 249 Award: Story about Resisting Suicide or Fighting for VA Benefits – $25
  • Robert T. Rubin Award: Restoring My Mental Health (Perpetual) – $35


  • BVL Serving My Country: What It Means to Me Award – $50
  • DAVA, Harry L. Herron Chapter 49 Award, Waynesville, Missouri: Editor’s Choice – $25
  • DAVA, State Dept. of Florida Award – $30
  • DAVA, State Dept. of Kansas Award (3 Poems) – Each $25
  • Sally-Sue Hughes Memorial Award (3 Poems) – Each $15
  • WOSL Members’ Appreciation Award: Editor’s Choice, by Doris Cobb – $15

Special Categories

  • Joseph Posik Award: Given to a veteran who encourages other hospitalized veterans to write. Medical center administrator nominates; publisher approves – $50
  • Conquering Homelessness Award: by American Legion Auxiliary, Elvis Presley Post 249 (Story in Summer issue) – $50
  • James Grant Memorial Award, by Matthew Grant: Positive, uplifting theme (Story) – $20
  • Larry Chambers Spirit Award: “How Meditation and/or Prayer Helped My Recovery” by Anthony J. Williams (Story or Poem) – $20