An Outlaw’s Demise
Jim McQueen

Here’s a tale of Outlaw Jim.

Back when the James Boys and Youngers were doing their thing, he was out and about doing his. There were some things blamed on the James Gang that weren’t altogether true. Some of that stuff was done by you guess who.

One day Outlaw Jim stole a horse after robbing and killing its owner. Needing someplace to lay low for a while, he chose a bordello in New Mexico. Now while ol’ Jim was taking full advantage of the services offered, his horse at the hitching rail was smelling a filly that was “primed.”

Outlaw Jim decided he wasn’t paying but would rob the place instead. But when trying to escape, to Jim’s demise, his horse was doing “nature’s course.”

His headstone reads as follows:

Here lies Jim, a Badman. He had us outrun by three steps, but his horse was four strokes behind!