Why I Write
Daniel Paicopulos

Never really a conscious choice,
how nice it was to find my voice,
rough edges rounded, made more smooth
by words which heal, thoughts that sooth.
“ is – or better” has been my creed,
simple tools all I’d need,
writing of grief and love and joy,
grateful like a child with a new toy.
Who could have known what lay before,
beyond the walls, the open door.
First one chapbook, then some others,
enjoyed by poets, sisters, brothers.
A blog which gained more fans, more eyes,
some laurels, too, to my surprise.
What fun it was to turn each page,
as decades brought me to this age.
Now I simply play my part,
encourage others from an open heart,
stay aware of my place, my season,
sometimes without rhyme or reason.
Playing the long game, it’s not a race,
comforted by my convictions and
God’s great Grace.