What Is a King?
Deborah Ann Cole

“What is a king,” I asked myself one day.
As I was gazing at the sky, thanking God for his amazing grace,
I thought hard about what a king must wear.
Then it came to me that his crown shows magnificent courage and the sacrifice that a king must bear.
The crown will hold so many priceless and beautiful gems.
He lets his people know courageously and indubitably that he would be the one to lead them.
The next thing that a king wears is his mantle or robe which symbolizes his authority. Of course, it’s made of satin,
sapphire and gold.
I asked God above, “What is the purpose of a king in my life?”
And God answered me and said, “My king will keep you
from harm and strife.
A king must uphold the law, keep peace and be equally fair.
A king will protect his people from harm and despair.”
I asked my friends if any of them had ever met a king.
I did! I did but I can’t tell you his name until this story ends.
I thought over and over, wondering in my head, if I ever met a king,
someone who has royalty running through his veins.
I thought about my son and all the magnificent things he has done.
I begin to hear a whisper in my ear that told me he was the One.
I was told that a king carries a legacy and I believe this is true.
And, Chris, your legacy gives me the strength and courage to continue and pursue.
Dedicated to my son Christian Harris, 1988-2021.