Board and Staff

VVWP Executive Board

  • Sheryl Liddle, President VVWP, KC VAMC/VAVS Rep.
  • Ted Iliff, Vice-President, Prose Editor
  • Priscilla Chansky, CAE, Treasurer VVWP
  • Margaret ClarkVeterans’ Voices Editor in Chief
  • Lori Kesinger, Marketing Chair
  • Deann Mitchell
  • Lou Eisenbrandt*
  • Christopher Iliff*
  • Stephen Craig*
  • Martha M. Walker


  • Katherine Menges* – Office Administrator
  • Tina Hacker, Poetry Editor
  • Tracy Cheng, Art Editor

*Military Veteran 

VVWP Members-At-Large

  • Carlton L. Beckstrom (Swede), former Board Member
  • Col. Don “Doc” Ballard*, Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient
  • Phyllis Bibeau, Former Board Member, Writing Aide Director
  • Leah Ann Jones*
  • Cathy LutzVeterans’ Voices Proofreader
  • Lynn Mackle, Former Prose Editor, Special Assignments
  • Judy Millick, Special Assignments
  • Gloria Montgomery*, Association for Women in Communications
  • Ann Ogden, Special Assignments
  • Perry Puccetti
  • Sarah L. Schroer
  • Mary Kay Dunlap Stein, Special Assignments
  • Scott C. Stump*, American Legion; VFW; Marine Corps League
  • Marianne Watson