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I've Lost My Mind

By Melvin Brinkley, Army, Air Force, USAF

Writing Type: Poem, Songs Lyrics

By Melvin Garrett Brinkley

VA Medical Facility—Southern Arizona

I keep a close watch on this blog of mine,
I keep my eyes wide open all the time,
I read my postings till I’m almost blind.
I’ve lost my mind, somewhere online.
When I'm wooing my lady late at night,
I keep my smartphone in my line of sight,
Which makes her mad, and then we have a fight.
I’ve lost my mind, somewhere online.

In some tweets that I’ve sent I might have lied.
It gave me cause for hope I cannot hide,
But the Net won't forget and let it slide.
I’ve lost my mind, somewhere online.

When I star in my YouTube videos,
I get a thrill from my head down to my toes,
But I'm still just some guy that no one knows.
I’ve lost my mind, somewhere online.
I’ve been programmed to click on Instagram,
Which makes my head feel like a traffic jam.
This scamming spam ain't worth a tinker's damn.
I’ve lost my mind, somewhere online.
As I posted my selfies late last night,
It dawned on me that something is not right.
Is there an app to help me find “The Light?”
I’ve lost my mind, somewhere online.

Notes: This poem can also be the lyrics to the tune of "I Walk the Line" by Johnny Cash.

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