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Talking With Regina...I Like to Do!

By John Bradley, Army

Writing Type: Poem

By John Bradley

VA Medical Facility—Nashville, TN


Talking with Regina...l like to do!
It's too infrequent. It's too brief most of the time.
Minutes here! Minutes there!
I want it to be more everywhere.

Regina, talking to me, doesn't blush, lower her gaze.
She's comfortable. She's composed.
She responds, looking straight at me affectionately!

Connecting with Regina, eye to eye, outwardly,
my heart is caressed with a large smile inwardly!
Each time I hold her hand externally,
my pulse rate doubles internally!

Sitting close on our green bench in Centennial Park,
an arm's length apart, her beautiful smile appears,
slowly widening upon her face.
I can't recall or imagine a scene so serene.

Talking with Regina...l like to do!
Her gentle voice, warm and vibrant,
assures me she is my friend!  I don't think

it's presumptuous to want our talks to never end.

Talking with Regina...I like to do!
Sometimes my words provoke her unique laughter
that I love to hear. It feels as though
there's a smooth soft feather tickling my ear.

Talking with Regina...l like to do!
I wonder at times, does she like

talking with me as much?

On our green bench in Centennial Park,
her body language is unspoken, yet heard.
She sits emotionally, close not distant, not tense,
between us no barrier or impenetrable fence.

Her spoken words, her body language,
I respond in kind.
Two people sitting on a green bench in Centennial Park,
smiling and talking, having a good time.

Talking with Regina...l like to do!
I believe Regina likes talking and laughing
with me...too!

Notes: Edited by Tina.

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