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Imaginary Dragon

By Daniel Adjei, Army

Writing Type: Poem

By Daniel Adjei

VA Medical Facility--Orlando, FL

My imaginary dragon lives
Within the shadow's deep.
Fiery thunder and lightening meet
Way down a slumbering shade.
My imaginary dragon lives
Beneath a giant mountain train.
A knight with strong muscles tenses
Way down the slumbering deep.

My imaginary dragon lives
Protecting the infinite wisdom that came.
The breath of fire shields
The inner scrum’s sleep.
My imaginary dragon lives
Breathing eternal fire
My soul to purify.
The fire cleans and grants fate.

My imaginary dragon lives
Pointing toward the firmament deep.
The dragon wakes me from sleep
With dreams of war and love.
My imaginary dragon lives
Far away, a center
Where thunder and lightening meet.
My imaginary dragon lives.

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