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A Painting Still

By Dean Glorso, Marine

Writing Type: Poem

By Dean Glorso

VA Medical Facility—Denver, CO


On pallet the blend of love begins,

But I'll never bring you back to life.

The beautiful face I remember well,  

Eyes cast down with a rose in hand.

A reflecting glass duplicates your dignity. 

Your complexion too fair for words to express,

So I blend and fuss to try to make it true.

Let the color rest as I ponder more,

The beautiful niece I miss so much.

I defend this act of love

On a canvas that has no life.

A being violated by a man of hate,

But your beauty still lingers in our minds.

An attempt to fetch your life, I add more tone.  

The true highlight, detail and blush 

Brighten you for my sister, your mom,

And for your kin.

From your uncle with love,

I ponder you, a painting still.

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