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The Promise

By Nila Bartley, Navy

Writing Type: Poem

By Nila K. Bartley

VA Medical Center—Chillicothe, OH


Once I was in a sea of sorrow. 

For me, I thought there would be no tomorrow. 


Drowning, I was caught in a huge wave.

Your kindness was there to save.


No longer did I think of suicide. 

With the life raft you gave me, on life's waters

I glide.


I am now free,

To hope, to dream, just to be.


A future I look forward to since I have been freed,

And you are the ones that planted the seed. 


I now have the promise of what life may hold 

And look forward to, even when the voices

in my head scold.


The delusion was in control,

But the freedom I feel now goes down to my soul.


I have all this and more because you cared

How a fellow human being you didn't even know



I have reached life's watery bank, 

And I have all of you to thank.


But saying thank you does not address 

How to express--


Putting me back on the right track,

The gift of giving me my life back.


I owe a debt I can never repay, 

Not now or any other day. 


Because of you, I am on the mend.

I can only try and repay you by being

your friend. 


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