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By James Janssen, Navy

Writing Type: Prose

By James Janssen

Ever heard that possession is nine tenths of the law?  Really?  Does it really matter?

I've always figured possession of a material object is but of a temporary nature in the first place and subject to being taken back by the man upstairs at any designated time He sees fit. And why not? He created it. It's his anyway. 

And while on this subject, what about us? Aren't we expendable too? But is there a difference between material goods and humans? Oh yeah. We have a purpose to fulfill. Material goods don't.

I think it's hilarious when someone blurts out “It’s mine!” Okay pilgrim. It's yours. Don't choke on it.

As veterans, however, we have one indisputable possession – a definite belief system, an engrained pride and a sense of honor, special attributes worth far more than medals or material objects of any kind. And those attributes are only surpassed by a deep and abiding love and respect we possess regarding the lifelong comradery for our present and departed brothers and sisters in uniform.

Hand in hand we now live in peace. But make no mistake: a dormant, unseen fire exists inside our souls that can be rekindled in a heartbeat if triggered. As Travis Tritt so aptly recorded, "Just leave this long-haired country boy alone."

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