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When Your Body Turns Against You

By Penny Deere, Army, Woman’s Army Corps

Writing Type: Poem

By Penny Lee Deere

VA Medical Center--Albany, NY


When the body turns against itself,

hoping the innate immune system is enough,

homeostasis is a must.

Watch and see words used repeatedly,

and all these bumps, bruises, spots, oh my!

The butterfly organ has a goiter.

Watch and see; take a sample here and there.

The lungs have encapsulated

the fine grains inhaled from that wasteland. 

The basal-gala does not regulate;

alphabet soup thrown around: ALS, MS and more.

The brain is a light with misfiring information

impairing that fine balance. 

The legs have trouble staying in one place,

trembling and carrying on

as if they are having a conversation.

Plumbing removed years ago after much

probing, prodding, enough, “take it.” Wait and see.

The mind declines to shut down long enough

to rest and restore.

No wonder one is always exhausted.

Skin explodes; blood lies just below the surface.

How and why, who knows?

Breast tissue, dense; biopsies, wait and see. 

A lot of the unknown and unexplained,

more research is required. 

Additional testing: MRI, CT with or without contrast,

ultrasounds, done density.

Abnormal results, specialist called in, consults ordered. 

Throw medication out as option for more unknown side effects. 


Good thing 

the heart is full, the Soul at peace.

Life has been lived.


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