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Evidence Seen and Unseen

By Deborah Cole, Army

Writing Type: Poem

By Deborah Ann Cole
VA Medical Center--Kansas City, MO


The meaning of evidence is clear and vivid,

meaning that there’s something tangible

and that something happened

even though they say it didn't.

Sometimes the evidence is hidden

by people, places and situations.

This leaves me feeling as though

I have no accreditation. 

This leaves my soul open and feeling

unbearable pain.

I continue to pursue the truth.

I feel as though evidence not seen

is making the truth appear in vain.

I use my voice to advocate

for myself and others.

But it seems to me that the more I speak

about the issue,

the more my heart feels trouble.

And when unseen evidence indicates bias,

I believe others are thinking I’m lying.

Sometimes I’m not sure what to do

or whom to trust due to lack of evidence,

leaving me feeling doomed

and without existence.

Even though I stood up to flight for this land,

who’s standing up for me

when the evidence is not at hand?

To find closure even though

the evidence is not seen,

I must turn my trust to God and believe

the truth won’t be covered up

like dead, wilted leaves.

Somewhere along this path,

I know the love of God

will eventually unfold the truth

and allow me to beat all the odds.

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