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Who Am I?

By Deborah Cole, Army

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By Deborah Ann Cole

VA Medical Center—Kansas City, MO


I am this girl who's humble and meek;

I am this girl who's strong and weak.

I am this girl whose voice wants to be heard;

I am this girl that God uses for words.

I am this girl that sometimes is misjudged;

I am this woman that always shows love.

I am this woman whose head twirls around and around;

I am this woman that sometimes feels bound.

Even though I feel bound, I break through

   by God's grace.

He gives me the courage and tells me

   to continue with his race.

I am this woman that will fight until the end;

I am this woman that encourage others to win.  

I am this woman that transfers magnificent gifts;

I am this woman that inspires others’ spirits to lift.

God is in me and directs me each and every day.

As long as I follow Him diligently, He endows me            

   with His amazing grace.

I am this woman sent from God above to you,

To let the whole world know that His word

   remains true.

I am that woman.




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