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Writing Type: Poem

By Anthony Ramirez

VA Medical Center—Augusta, ME


I know what it’s like to miss the road—

the one that they told you to travel if you could.  

Instead, I chose the road that is broad,

the path that leads to destruction.

Elevator up! Elevator down!

And my confusion—worse--confounds me.

My behavior—stark-- appalls me.

For more useless than a crooked arrow

is to utilize foolery in order to glow with the glory of God.

This stubbornness is a luxury that I can no longer afford,

deftly leaving me a long way from where I want to be.

Yet many times the more difficult road can become

the one that keeps us on course.

The obvious paths are rarely the most interesting.

Empty high! Empty sky!

This hard road that I chose,

you would have never wanted for me to travel.

So just walk with me along some of the way patiently,

and as far as the tumultuous canyons

careening into the majestic mesas,

blazing a new trail to the narrow gate.

If you will.

Only a few there be that find it.

Our Lonely Death

by George Nolta


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