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Writing Type: Poem

By Lawrence E. Rahn
VA Medical Center--Minneapolis, MN

I came very close to the end of my life,

not even knowing the reason why.

I do know this: my guardian angel was with me that night,

or I would be pushing daisies by this time.

My wife insisted I call my doctor to let him know

what was the matter.

I took it lightly, but made the call. 

He said to me, “Come right in and be quick about it.

Your life may depend upon it.”

They kept me in the hospital eight days and nights,

not even a single bite to eat or anything to drink.

Finally, the young surgeon discovered the problem.

A hole in my heart was the culprit and an operation

was my only option. But with God’s help,

plenty of prayers and asking Him for his blessing,

the hole had scabbed over on its own.

I believe this was all God’s doing.

The surgeon said to me, shaking his head,

“Buddy, you are one lucky dude. I’m not operating on you.”

So, when I’m asked if I believe in miracles

along with guardian angels, I will tell anyone listening,

“There is a God without a doubt!

I do love Him with all my heart!”

Heaven forbid he’s not finished with me yet;

otherwise I would be dead!


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