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Mother Russia

By Scott Sjostrand, Army

Writing Type: Poem

By Scott Sjostrand
--Hallock, MN

Mother Russia, at what cost?

Just so Vladimir Putin can be boss?

An aggressive nature with ruthless tactics

like a spoiled child. Watch his antics.

He feels no remorse shedding innocent blood.

His plagues will come in one day just like a flood.

“Let my people go,” saith the Lord.

Why do you insist on sowing discord,

creating war where there was once peace?

Your type of leadership is like a disease.

Cancer comes to mind; it destroys from within.

You’re like the devil, filled with sin.

Women and children flee Ukraine;

men stay behind, fight without refrain.

Mother Russia, you will be sorry for your actions.

The people of the world won’t put up

with your warring factions.

I say to you, “Cease the attack,

or you’ll be like McDonald's without the Big Mac."

No fries or cokes either, so just beware.

When it is your turn, who would care?

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