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Lonely Soldier

By Jason Bartley, National Guard

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By Jason Kirk Bartley
VA Medical Center--Chillicothe, OH

Lonely soldier, so far away from family and some good friends.
Your buddies on the battlefield, are they your next of kin? 

Have you heard lately about what is going on?
Has your family written to you since you've been gone?

Do you get distracted with your memories so dear?
How you are a father, but your nation needs you here.

You long to step back into your own town.
Bullets fly and rocket blasts rattle you around.

Does fear sometimes grip you and take you hostage?
Does your mind wander here and there,
captivated by your duty, brave beyond compare?

You're sitting still in your foxhole,
your enemy is in your sights,
kill or be killed on this most perilous of nights.

Gun blasts and bombs rattle in your ears.
People are taking shelter; you depend on your peers.

Man down! Man down!
Your buddy you've just met goes to meet his maker,
but the Lord's not done with you yet!

Pop! Pop! Pop!
Gunfire rattles through the midnight sky.
Flames and shadows can be seen as you ask the question, "Why?"

Lonely soldier, please don't quit.
Your nation needs you, our liberty and freedom at hand.

The bravest of the brave will be by your side
to help you take this stand.

Please, mighty soldier, don't give up the fight.
We pray you make it home,
for your family misses you every single night.

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