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by Ben Hawkins


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Why We Stand

By kimberly green, Air Force

Writing Type: Poem

By Kimberly Green
--Fort Smith, AR


He didn’t know if anyone was home,

so he waited outside

in his chair alone.

On the drive with its winding path,

thoughts of his brothers 

would make him laugh.

He waited and waited most of the day.

He really didn’t want

to come back home this way.

But here he was, his belongs by his side.

He brushed back a tear,

hoping his mother wouldn’t cry.

The car neared as the sun crept down,

throwing off dirt.

Maybe he shouldn’t have come around.

"Billy!" his mother exclaimed.

"You're home at last!"

Cold War medals upon his chest.

He hadn’t prepared them;

he knew it was a mistake.

His mother’s heart, he knew, would break.

"My son! My son!"

was all he could hear,

his mother’s face blinded with tears.

"My legs are gone;

it’s okay, Mom, don’t cry."

His father sobbing, he thought he’d die.

His chair he sat in of course had wheels.

This amazing war hero,

a United States Navy Seal.

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Metamorphosis of the Mind

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