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Joyful Expectancy

By Nila Bartley, Navy

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By Nila K. Bartley

VA Medical Center--Chillicothe, OH


Once I took everyday joys for granted.

To me those things were an ordinary part of my day.


The fresh smell of the air after a cleansing summer rain.

The sight of a squirrel scurrying up a tree while carrying a nut.

The sounds of many birds singing together as if in harmony

   lovingly orchestrated by the Almighty.
A tree's limbs dancing in the wind with its leaves

being playfully teased by the current of air. 

A total stranger smiling at me and saying, "Have a good day."

The sound of a child's laughter done in such total abandonment.

My life was so hurried. I was so absorbed with chores

   and responsibilities that I forgot.

I forgot to savor my life. To be so engrossed in the moment,

instead of thinking about the next chore I had to do.

What changed me? A mental illness that devastated me

   and led to a failed suicide attempt. 

My brush with death led to an appreciation of this life.

Even the ordinary everyday moments I look at now as precious.


My choice now is to be in the moment and live it to the fullest.

To delight and look for the enchantment in each day.

Joyful Expectancy!

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