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Writing Type: Poem

By Paul David Gonzales
VA Medical Center--Albuquerque, NM

I walked alone through this life,
Through thick and thin and miles of strife.

You people here in the States
Closed your welcome gates.
You called us names, spit in our face
And put us through your prejudice pace.

We fought that war that aroused the nation
to a purpose.
It all seemed right on the surface.
We fought so hard to win that war,
Coming back to society's roar.

I'm not cry'n in my beer,
So please don't think I want your RAH-RAH cheer.
I took the hits on the chin,
But I can still manage a grin.

It's the private sorrow that I hide;
I keep it buried deep inside.
No one wants to hear my story,
So I'm not looking for any of your glory.
I'll keep my sorrow in a place;
I'll call it my private space.

Little did I know I wasn't alone.
It was the Spirit of God that brought me home.

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