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An Encounter at the VA Hospital

By John Swainston, Army

Writing Type: Poem

 By John L. Swainston

VA Medical Center--Kansas City, MO                       


Today I went to the VA Medical Center for a Consult.

In the waiting room half the chairs were covered.

Social distancing.


I looked around for a place to stand and saw him.

His cover: 25th Infantry Division.

Tropic Lighting–the Electric Strawberry.

I walked over, asked if it was okay to talk.



I told him that I had served with the 114th MI Detachment.

A Reserve Round-out to the 25th when I lived in Hawaii.

We talked.

A few minutes later I looked at his cover again:


Combat Infantryman Badge.

Bronze Star with V.

Two Purple Hearts.


He told me that he was in Vietnam 1968--69.

I did not ask, trying to be polite, but he told me:

“Yup, shot twice, once in the leg and then in the left shoulder,

 above the heart, lucky that day.”


George was a: Negro, African American, Black American,

Black and some called him "N."


He was none of those.

George was--


A true American hero.


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