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By Lenny Ellis, Undisclosed

Writing Type: Poem

By Lenny Ellis

--Madison, WI

I wish I had a girlfriend,

Someone smart and nice,

Someone who would listen

To the poetry I write.


Someone I could count on,

Someone I could trust,

Someone to believe in me

And say to me

Write! My love, you must!


I know I write for me,

Mainly 'cause I must.

It’s my ambition

In this life,

More important than is lust.


But how I wish to share

My feelings day to day

With someone to encompass

Everything I say.


I write about the themes in life

Which are close to me

Whether it be mirth

Or plain philosophy.


I’ve written about love,

Of what it is to share

With someone that you need

And show how much you care.


Feelings are aplenty,

Important to express.

Instead of stuffing them,

Get them off your chest.


Good or bad

I always feel something.

Pleasure, pain and solitude,

Anger, sadness, gratitude,

Misery and pain,

Happiness and glory,

I have a lot to say.

With rhyme I tell my stories.


I’m glad I learned

To read and write

And practice at this skill

Which for me is ecstasy,

An overwhelming thrill.


I know it’s not important

For everyone to read

A poem written in the night

When everything is still.


But to me it is important

To write about the soul,

To venture deep inside myself

And realize a goal.


My goal in life is singular,

Not merely just survive.

I want to write with feeling

To know that I’m alive.

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