Flowers on hold

by Penny Deere


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Writing Type: Poem

By Lenny Ellis

--Madison, WI

Emotions, there are plenty.

They differ in variety.

We hold them in,

We let them out

Like turning on a water spout.


We love

We laugh

And then we cry.

We steal glances

Then we sigh.


We think

We feel

We burst with pride

And empty zeal.


Upon first glance

The world seems pure.

But when we touch,

We’re so unsure.


We hide in the shadows

Afraid of fear.

The reasons why

Are so unclear.


We’re Spartan

With our feelings,

Afraid to let them show.

But this is life

With time to grow,

To quench our thirst,

Let feelings flow.


With arrogance

We mock the soul.

We’re mesmerized

By greedy goals.


How to listen

We don’t know.

Fire crackles

And winds blow.

We’re so deceived

By earthly gains.

Who am I?

At last remains.


Upon my brow

The sweat appears.

I tremble with remorse

At long lost years,

For having cried

Those silent tears.


And now I gaze

Upon the stars.

I’m no different

Than they are.


I have a light

Which now shines through.

My naked soul

Appears to you. 

Flowers on hold

by Penny Deere


God's Touch of Sunshine

by Gene Groner


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