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Writing Type: Poem

By Nila K. Bartley

VA Medical Center--Chillicothe, OH

My country is the greatest nation on earth

that the world has ever seen. 

We are free.

Free to live, grow, and just be happy. 

We are blessed to be able to worship God

as we so choose.

We live day to day without fear of being jailed

for disagreeing with the government.

We have the right to vote for whom we think is best

to hold a government position.

We can hold a peaceful protest

if we disagree with the government.

We have the freedom to travel within our country

without being questioned. 

We have the freedom to leave our country to visit another. 

We have the right to bear arms.

We have the right to choose our own career.

We are not spied on by our own government.

We have a free, capitalistic market.

We are not told how many children we can have.

We have a free exchange of ideas.

Our freedom encourages our way of life

in which we can pursue our dreams.

In order to keep this way of life,

we must remember how we became

the greatest nation on earth in the first place.

We have to disregard all this divisiveness in our nation.

We have to remember the way we became a great nation

was because we respected each other as fellow human beings.

A fellow citizen of the United States

has the right to have an opposing opinion on an issue.

We are both equal.

Just because a fellow citizen does not agree,

does not give someone else the right

to treat him or her as less than.

We are all equal.

Respect each other; that is how we became

the greatest nation on earth

and how we will remain that way.

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