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Writing Type: Poem

By Nila K. Bartley

VA Medical Center--Chillicothe, OH

This feeling went beyond sorrow.

It permeated my entire being,

so I did not care about the morrow.

I was living in defeat

till hopelessness I did meet. 

Hopelessness led to a suicide attempt.

Because of my mental illness,

it was my life I held in contempt. 

The delusion had led to hopelessness

being in control.

Hopelessness had robbed all motivation

to live out of my soul.

Hopelessness and the delusion

I had experienced as masters who were cruel.

Then came the consideration of kind people who said,

"Do not let the delusion rule."  

These same people who, by showing their concern,

helped dispel the delusion and caused me to yearn.

To yearn for my life before the delusion,

before hopelessness reigned

and led me to the wrong conclusion.

The wrong conclusion that no one cared.

These kind and caring people bothered about how I fared.

No more did hopelessness and the delusion rule,

so my outlook took on a different view.

Before, I did not know what was true.

Now I see a future, if I may be so bold,

and realize, because of my mental illness,

none of us fits into a mold.

We are all unique.

It is diversity of the human race

of which I speak.

Those kind people who helped put me back

on the tracks of life,

helped me realize we need to show kindness and respect

to all to keep out the strife.

God made all of this diversity

of the human race.

It was part of His plan from the start

for us to share this place.

All of these rioting and angry people

we see on the news again and again.

Oh, do not let hatred win.

Make this your decision today.

Start a revolution by showing kindness and respect

to all along the way

because all fellow human beings are worthy

of this and more.

By doing this, on hatred we will shut the door.

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