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By Gene Groner, Marines

Writing Type: Poem

By Gene Allen Groner
VA Medical Center—Kansas City, MO

Teach me how to pray, dear Lord.
Give me the words to say.
Help me mend a broken heart
For someone else today.

Lord, you’ve been so good to me,
I want to share your love
With a friend in need today.
Teach me how to pray.

Let me pray the best I can
To heal a soul in need.
You answer all my heart’s desire
With grace and generosity.

Grant me, please, this one request,
I humbly ask you, Lord,
For many souls have lost their way
And cry out for your word.

Teach me how to pray, dear Lord,

Just like your saints before.

Teach me how to speak your words,

Helping others love you more.

Teach me how to pray, dear Lord,

Like angels sing above,

Giving hope to those in need--

In need of your precious love.

Tune my heart to hear your voice,

Leading me all the way.

I want to give you all I have,

In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

Notes: I love to begin each day with prayer, thanking God for all his many blessings and asking for the grace to be kind to everyone. Prayer brings peace and rest to my soul. Starting each day with a prayer is the best way I know to have happiness and peace of mind. God bless you.

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