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Memorial Day 2021

By Daniel Paicopulos, Marines

Writing Type: Poem

By Daniel Paicopulos
--San Diego, CA

Thinking about how it should be this year,

on the cusp of pandemic and near normal.

Reminded that it’s about the fallen,

not all the passed of the past,

just the warriors, deserving of decorations,

holding fast to the original Decoration Day.

Remembering it’s not about the current troops,

hoping to not hear “Happy Memorial Day,”

no matter how well intended.

This is not Christmas,

not a day for glee, not founded in joy,

surely not only for backyard barbecues,

though it’s understandable to want them,

here on the way back to normal.

It’s Memorial Day 2021,

and it’s important to notice it exists,

to recall why,

not allowing politics or philosophy

to keep us from rendering heartfelt thoughts,

reflecting, respecting, appreciating, honoring,

remembering the service and sacrifices of the fallen.

Those who survived their own war,

at home or in some distant land,

in uniform or mufti,

have one great battle remaining,

one great responsibility:

honoring with loyalty and respect 

those who lost their own final battle.

It is the duty of the living 

to remember the dead,

to feel blessed by their gift,

to never forget,

even as the nation seeks to heal.

The fallen deserve nothing less.

Notes: After a difficult 2020, we need to remember more than ever.

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