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Writing Type: Poem

By Ronald Nash

VA Medical Center--Cincinnati, OH

She smiles as she hands him his coffee;

He kisses her hand and says he’s so lucky.


She lovingly smooths down his hair;

He’s happy that she gives him such good care.


She fixes his breakfast, lunch and dinner;

He grins and tells her he needs to be thinner.


She does his laundry, folding his shirts the way he likes;

He worries that maybe his favorite is getting too tight.


She organizes his papers, crumbled wads and soda cans

  thrown away;

He grumbles about how busy he is and not having enough time

  in his day.


She carefully fills his pill caddy and reminds him daily

  to take his meds;

He dutifully swallows, wondering if they really help his body

  and his head.


She encourages him to socialize and suggests

  different events;

He prefers home, his recliner and TV but doesn’t mind

  if she went.


She runs their house, inside and out, making decisions alone;

He worries about money and her spending, she must atone.


She gently strokes his head as he drifts off to sleep;

He smiles happily unaware of the anxiety she keeps.


She expresses concern about an issue weighing on her mind;

He gets angry and spews words hurtful and unkind.


She makes the decisions and worries they're not right;

He is blissfully unaware of her relentless fright.


She puts on a smile, exhausted from her day;

He smiles back as she silently commits with him to stay.


She quietly cries in the shower, never letting him see

The daily strain of living with his PTSD.

Writing group: Cincinnati VAMC

Notes: Writer's Group Cincinnati Veterans Medical Center

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