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By Phil Hosier, Undisclosed

Writing Type: Poem

By Phil Hosier

VA Medical Center—Prescott, AZ

The perfect Band-Aid is costly, say in the millions or more.

The perfect Band-Aid would heal my broken and abused body.

My mind, it would restore.

The perfect Band-Aid would heal old wounds I've committed

and the wounds others have done to me.

The perfect Band-Aid would help me be the person

I've always wanted to be.

The perfect Band-Aid would heal families

and let everyone forgive and live in harmony from above.

The perfect Band-Aid would allow my loved ones

to love and be loved where no one would have to shove.

The perfect Band-Aid would heal hate and discrimination

until all mankind ceases.

The Perfect Band-Aid would stop war and the destruction

of our Earth.

It would cure cancer, diabetes and all childhood diseases.

The perfect Band-Aid would cure drug addition, alcoholism,

child abuse and make people whole before the Lord.

The perfect Band-Aid would heal dementia and Alzhiemer's

to let people recall the memories of their life stories

and share the love of family and friends.

The perfect Band-Aid would let the blind see

sunrises and sunsets again, enjoy the open road

and see the many people they meet.

The perfect Band-Aid would allow the deaf to hear birdsong,

children's laughter and music to its fullest

so they can clap their hands and tap their feet to the sound.

The perfect Band-Aid would be easy to obtain;
you'd just have to ask.
So many people wish for the perfect Band-Aid,
but they always seem to pass.

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