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He Was the Enemy: A Soldier's Dilemma

By JonnieLynn Donatelli, Army

Writing Type: Poem

By JonnieLynn Donatelli

VA Medical Center—Bedford, MA

Amid the crossfire and confusion, I see him.

Guns are drawn, bullets flying, people yelling.

Smoke from fires outlines the soldiers’ bodies.

In a desperate attempt to capture the enemy,

They have dug in deep against the vehicles strewn all over.

It is chaos. An exhausting force of nature, human nature.

And I see him through my gunsights.

I see the sweaty smudges of dirt on his face.

His tears are falling to the ground like rain.

From my vantage point, I can almost feel his fear.

“I give up,” he yells to us. “I give up!”

But no one listens because he is the enemy.

I must shoot him or capture him.

And I prefer the latter.

“CEASE FIRE!” I scream. “STOP!”

And I realize I have no voice.

And I realize I am crying,

For my unknown enemy is lying on the ground.

“He is dead,” I cry softly.

But no one listens because he was the enemy.

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