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By Robert Valonis, Navy

Writing Type: Array

By Robert John Valonis

--Stuart, FL


Like wisps of smoke

Curling upwards and down,

Seen by none,

Just dancing around.


An invisible mime

That frolics in air,

That silently waits

But surely is there.


It cosmically surrounds

The flesh of a soul,

Like the universe containing

An empty black hole.


Its energy's mighty

When you least expect,

Spontaneous in nature,

Deserving respect.


It silently hovers,

Although not aware,

Behind and in front,

An invisible glare.


It's colorless, vague,

Devoid of all form,

Can end a life

And disrupt the norm.


It's happy, it's sad,

It's lonely, it's blue,

Invisibly existing

All around you.


It's good, it's bad,

Knows no right, no wrong.

It's all predetermined

In the world’s busy throng.


Comes quite unexpected

In the midst of life's throes,

A mystery that only

Divinity knows.


Your destiny, though

A close relation to fate,

Should be shaped with

Fine choices as you await.

Notes: I could not adjust the space between sentences. Looks much better with sentences close together and double spaced between stanza's. I used a 10 font but would look better if 12 or 14. I'll leave it to you if you choose to publish. Thanks Bob


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