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Thank a Vet

By Jason Bartley, National Guard

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By Jason Kirk Bartley

VA Medical Center—Chillicothe, OH


The next time you're out and about

and have some free time on your hands,

visit a VA home. Thank a vet if you can.

Some have blinded eyes, some can barely hear,

many have resorted to drugs and alcohol

to drown out all their fear.

Some have missing limbs

and cannot get around like they should.

Many take medications

to stop inner battles, inner feuds.

While you enjoy the luxuries

that we take for granted today,

make out a card and drop it in the mail.

Many of our vets are still going through hell.

Thank a vet today.


For some the war still rages on.

For others life will never be the same.

And for a few the ultimate sacrifice has been made.

Thank a vet.

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