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A Christmas Story

By Chuck Randall, Army

Writing Type: Prose

Tonight is Christmas Eve, and my name is Chuck. I am currently an inpatient, recovering from hip surgery.

Last week, I was surprised with a visit from one of my best friends from high school. We graduated in 1957, from a small school on eastern Long Island, N.Y. I haven’t seen “D” in 40 years! We sat in the lobby of ECRC (my building), talking about growing up in the fabulous fifties. “D” gave me a shopping bag, filled with presents he had brought for me. In it was a portable CD player, headphone and 10 CD ‘s “D” had made for me, of our favorite rhythm-and-blues songs from the ‘50s!

My eyes began to tear and I felt the joy of the holidays engulf me. I had been feeling “down,” because I have no family. The thoughts, feelings and generosity of others, such as veterans’ organizations and service clubs, civic groups, and the staff at the VA Medical Center at Asheville, N.C., mean so much to me.

I invited “D” to go out to lunch with me, my treat. We had finished lunch and were getting up from the table, when “D” pulled out his billfold and handed me a check for $200! Why did this man drive 750 miles to visit a hospitalized classmate whom he hasn’t seen in 40 years? My only answer is brotherly LOVE.

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