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Prisoner of War

By Francis Cresser, Army

Writing Type: Prose

For 13 months, I was held as a POW in a German prison camp. The rules of the Geneva Conference were followed and I was not abused. They thought at first that I was Jewish but were finally convinced by my dog tags that I was a Roman Catholic.

When the Russians came, they moved us, in a blizzard, across the Austrian border to Moosburg. We stayed there for several months until we were liberated by General George S. Patton and then sent to France. Eventually, the good old U.S.A. became our permanent residence.

In Moosburg, the French POWs were right beside us on the other side of the barbed-wire fence. I threw food at them. A German officer pointed a gun at me. Because of this incident and his behavior, I thought that I would not live to be liberated.

Notes: Writing Aide/Typist: Rose Fournier

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