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A Real Long Distance Call

By Helen Glass, Army

Writing Type: Prose

“Hello, Long Distance? I want to place a Mother’s Day call to my children. I know, children are supposed to call their mothers today, but this is important. Please put me through to heaven. Hello, heaven? I’d like to talk to my children. I haven’t talked to them for awhile.”

“Hello, is that you Kathie? It’s so good hearing your voice. I called to say ‘I love you!’ Artie, if you are listening, that goes for you too. I know I told you that many times when you were growing up. But often we failed to say it after you grew up and had families of your own. We were all too busy, ‘just living.’ You were such beautiful babies, my precious little girl and boy! You both had good points all of your own. Kathie, your art work was so outstandingly beautiful and you were so smart in school, in all you did. I was so proud of you and your life. I don’t mean to question God’s wisdom, but I can’t understand. Now, after so many years of hardship you had your own beautiful family, your land, and your home. You were landscaping it with your own artistic touch. Why did God take you, so young, especially when He had taken your brother just four years before? Why, God, why?”

“Art, you were an adorable baby and little boy. I wasn’t sure I was capable of raising you both alone, your dad having left us, when he was so young also. Truly you were a handful and caused me many heartaches when you were a teenager. When you joined the Navy Seabees on your 17th birthday, you were so proud to tell me because you knew that I, too, had joined the Navy on my 20th birthday, many years ago. After that, you changed into such a wonderful person. I know God truly had a hand in that. Again, I question God. Why did He take you, after so much sacrifice and hard work, to get your land cleared and build your barn? I was amazed that you were such a devoted, loving father. Your son was too little to know why you were no longer there.”

“Why, God, why? Parents aren’t supposed to bury their children. Well, good-bye for now. Remember, I love you and perhaps soon I can say that to you in person.”

“Talking to you has made this a wonderful Mother’s Day, even though it had to be by long distance. But, I have your children to remind me of you now, all except for great-granddaughter Allyson, who barely saw the light of day, and Sarah who was only 28. They are so like you both, in so many ways! Sarah, you look out for Jon’s little Allyson and remember, we’ll be looking for those ‘Pennies from Heaven’ from all our angels. Now I have to make another call.”

“Hello, Long Distance? Please put me through to God. I have to ask Him; why them, why not me?”

Notes: Typist: Freda Droegemeier

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