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Say Hey

By Larrie Green Sr, Air Force

Writing Type: Poem

By Larrie David Green, Sr.
VA Medical Center--Columbus, OH

To you, I'll always say, "Hey
yes, YOU, the red, white and blue."
No matter what my color,
I'll be so true to you.

Every time you see it wave,
think of all those in harm's way.
Even if its colors fade,
let it stand tall, each and every day.

Look closely at the color red,
and visualize the pools of  blood.
Remember all the blood that's been shed
while praying for the day it will all stop.
Look closely at the color white,
and visualize tears shed day and night.
When you see it standing tall,
think about those who fell and will fall.
Look closely at the color blue,
and visualize how it connects the rest.
Whether you see it waving or still,
it stands for the goal that we want best.

Think about for what each star stands,
and wonder what our future has in store.
Its stars are the makeup of all its people
who stand side by side within our shores.

You have many stories still untold;
my heart is full of freedom songs to sing.
Let my mouth speak in truth what your colors profess,
and may my ears soon fill with the freedom bell ring.

In the spirit of freedom,
some is better than none,
but when it comes down to it,
it's the best thing under the sun.

Author's Note: This is my sentiment about the Stars and Stripes. It is a constant reminder of the goal of this nation. Being as we are human, and subject to indignation, the goal must live on if the goal is to be achieved.


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