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What Freedom Means To Me May 28th 2020

By Richard Wangard, Navy, Air Force

Writing Type: Prose

By Richard Wangard

VA Medical Center - Milwaukee, WI

What is it that vets understand so well about freedom?

I think it goes well beyond any training they have had in peacetime or in war. They know because they offered their services to their nation not knowing what the cost might be.

I along with all Americans love my freedom.

The ability to make my own choices, go where I want to go, and say what is on my mind without fear of a knock on the door.

To enjoy the sites of this beautiful land.

To work hard for what I consider more than what I need and strive for what I want.

To improvise and overcome not always by myself but with the help of friends, family, and professional folks who can heal and fix me when I am broken.

To see that good triumphs in this land and that there are compassionate people always willing to help out another human being.

A National Brotherhood and Sisterhood.


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