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By Lawrence Rahn, Army

Writing Type: Poem

Old man sitting on the curb,
I'n1 wondering where you're at
With bottle in hand and not a do Bar in your pants,
just what have you got left?
You haven't the courage you once had in the war,
but you would kill for that bottle of yours.
What memories have you
of those you want to forget?
I'm sure the pain is from your regrets.
If I gave you a fin and said, "Get a shave,"
I'd bet you would be back, still looking the same.
With bottle in hand and not a dollar in your pants,
you would say, "Thanks man, I sure needed that.'~
What happened to you in those good ole days,
when you were someone who gave praise,
when you were looked up to as one of the greats
and whiskey from a bottle was frowned upon?
What happened to the person so full of life,
when sitting around was a waste of time?
Did you really shrivel up and die?
Or are you waiting for your moment to arrive?
When will you stand up and say, ''Hey, I'm---------?''
Old man sitting on the curb,
just what have you got left?
I know your shame, I'm not to blame,
but I wish I could caB you "Dad."

Notes: Michelle Maloney

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