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By Andy Narvaez, Army

Writing Type: Poem

A whole new bunch of guys are in Washington.
I'm sure they know there is a bad war going on.
They n1ust get serious; it's about dying and guns.
We need a plan to guide us, not just war slogans.
No relatives of theirs are now dying in the sands.
We certainly need a new stand and to make gains.
Others' relatives are there fighting in the sands.
Some went twice to fight for the same piece of land.
It's a vicious cycle we're in. The Prez said we won!
Let's get them back if only to write and sing patriotic songs.
Oh! He finally got to Vietnam to talk about this newer war.
Where was he when we had to go to our Vietnam war?
The new bunch must be careful with people's lives.
Do not worry about the truth or their ceaseless lies.
The main reason is that they're dying in the sands.
You need to send them home from those far lands.
The reasons at best are unclear why we are even there.
Now we're looking for new places to send them, where?
Guys, don't let it happen. They're our youngestand best.
Maybe if the U.S. and our allies withdraw, so will the rest.
A plan of withdrawal would be the best plan of all.
Need soldiers? Let's have a universal draft or none at all.
Let everyone's kids answer these last patriotic calls.
Please don't buy the idea of oil and Jose your souls.
Now stick to your pledges and stick to your guns.
It'll be easy since we got rid of the warmonger bums.
Remember a war is raging and many people are dying.
Do not let anyone trick you with their endless lying.
It will be hard at first because you have so much to undo.
If warmongers cause trouble, just tell aU Americans who,
And they'll be on jobless lines unless they care to enlist.
Guys, no others should be on anyone's obituary list.

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