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Muhammad Ali

By Bradley Greer, Army

Writing Type: Poem

By Greer Bradley

VA Medical Facility--Detroit, MI


There's not a man today who can beat Clay.
Not today, maybe next week, you'd find a man
who can beat Cassius Clay.
Ali stopped Quarry in three,

Bonavena in fifteen.
Ali is steel, the king.
There had to be a test so everyone could see
Who would be victors between Frazier
and Muhammad Ali?
Frazier knocked Ali down in the fifteenth round,
and won the match.
Ali didn't accept defeat.
He won the second fight with quick speed
and a devastating right.
Only one left
who held the Heavyweight Belt,
Mr. Devastation, whom the press said
would do a thing on Ali's brain.
Ali knocked Foreman out in eight,
and it wasn't too late, as he regained his
rightful title and fame.

Notes: Sandra Rees

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The Track Adjustment

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