Poppy array

by Penny Deere


An Encounter at the VA Hospital

by John Swainston


Ode to a Desert Warrior

by kimberly green



by Lenny Ellis


Thy Will

by Daniel Hawk


Need More Love

by Ronald Grella



By Josephine Kapke, Army

Writing Type: Poem

Katrina, Katrina,
You were tough, you were meaner.
Like a poisonous snake's fang,
You came in with a bang.
You blew your torturous breath,
Causing young and old death.
To you it never did matter
How you made people scatter,
Could hear rips and roars
Spewing water across cities and shores.
It mattered not how long you last,
You were having yourself a blast.
You didn't care that you took people down,
You stood and laughed while they drowned.
Oodles of what, when's, and why's
You could hear moans and cries.
Across the wayside some did roam,
No longer had a happy home.
Your desire was not to please,
Brought Big Easy to its knees.
You had not the courtesy to stop
While some clung to the rooftops.
Disastrous was your style,
Across your face an ugly smile.
Yeah, you will go down in history,
Leaving behind misery and mystery.
You are just a hateful cheater,
Happy to be followed by Rita.
Neither of you can boost about your thrill,
Some brave people will rebuild.
They must have faith,
Live by God's grace.
To all you were strange and odd,
Hard to believe you were an act of God.

I Walked Alone

by Paul Gonzales


Ode to a Desert Warrior

by kimberly green


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by Paul Nyerick


Picture to accompany "The Forgotten Terps and Their Vital Component to Mission Success"

by Shon Pernice


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by Nila Bartley


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by Anthony Cocozza

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