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By Gary Lucas, Army

Writing Type: Poem

An Army aviator died in a helicopter
crash today: 8/13/03.
The news about the death of my buddy
Shocked m.e in my chest like an icicle would,
Cold and sharp,
Pierced my heart,
Clean through.
My face turned ashen,
Then blue.
I have no choice,
My mood is low,
The answers I seek can only come
from you, oh Lord.
Where are you, Lord?
I hear no voice;
My only choice is to hearken to your wisdom,
So Lord, he was one of the best,
10,000 hours plus,
Did it seem strange he died like he did?
We were helicopter pilots,
We fought a war together,
became brothers
In a foreign land called Vietnam.
We were really young then,
But we fought Communists,
We did our part.
We made sure every day
That others would come back to the world,
And we also covered each other's backs,
Made sure we would come home, too.
Seems like a century ago, yet- somehow -
Most of the details have turned to foggy thoughts,
Sketchy at best,
But the events are never forgotten.
As I look up,
The only thing I see
Are gray clouds blocking my view.
I can't see You; I can't hear You.
But- wait.
Oh Lord, I think I hear You now?
Please release my pain.
Thanks. I understand now.
Through Your grace he awoke today
in your spiritual kingdom.
I must accept,
He has a new mission now,
But I'll never forget him,
Nor how my brother nicknamed ""bulletproof-Mike""
saved a Jot of lives!
He's flying around with angels on a higher plain now,
Above the best.

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