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By Smokey Cleveland, Army

Writing Type: Poem

When you look at this old green hat that I wear,
You have to know that we are really a pair.
A medical caduceus is pinned on the front.
Without seeing this, you'd think I'd been a grunt.
This hat has been all over the world and in every ocean.
You just don't seem to understand my devotion.
Fron1 Iwo to Gitmo and Vietnam to Iraq,
This hat has gone there and never looked back.
Anyone who has worn this hat up front
Will surely know he has caught the brunt.
The ones who were trained to wear this caduceus
Will surely know of its many uses.
This hat has been worn by a selected few,
And they have always held firm and true.
This cap has been with our Navy and Marines everywhere
they went.
It wa.;; just up to our government to say where we would
be sent.
That Navy Corpsman who wore Blue and Marine green -There
is nothing left that his eyes have not seen.
This cap has seen its share of death and bloodshed.
Too many of the ones who wore it ended up dead.
When you look at this old green hat, you may have
your views,
But for me and others who wore this hat, we have paid
our dues.
So when you look at this old green hat, remember
the cost.
Don't forget the blood that was shed and the lives that
were lost.

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