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By Mary Stanley, Army

Writing Type: Poem

Buildings fall. Screams of horror pierce the air.
Fear replaces any concept of an ordinary day.
The morning becomes an endless, timeless hell.
The inconceivable impossible is the here and now.
God Chaos has assumed reign over the city.

This can’t happen! It didn’t take place!
A moment ago it was just an ordinary work day.
The airplane was soaring in the blue sky.
People were rushing to work amid the noisy traffic.
Now, nothing familiar. Airplanes replaced the Towers
With mountains of rubble, smoke, fire, horror.
Cries of falling steel disturbed both heaven and earth.

Time has passed, an endless month has been endured.
Through the haze of tears, the agony of being alone.
The grief shared by thousands, hope displaced with despair.

The pervading question- is there a future? Can we go on?
The answer in the affirmative we can survive!
Life did proceed, students did return to schools,
Commerce now slowly approaches a new norm.

We go on, struggling to lift our chins and grit our teeth,
Bravely stumbling on, facing others with a smile,
Hoping they will not see it as a forced grin.
We will ever do our duty, never neglecting
Necessary tasks heavier than yesterday.

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