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By Loy Baker, Army

Writing Type: Poem

I was soldiering with Willie and Joe, they were always on the go, no matter how deep the snow.
Today I arrived back on the front-what a terrifying stunt!
Having been wounded already twice, it seemed to be quite a price.
Shell-shocked in the previous campaign, no usable nerves remain.
That first night back, we were hit by the blitz; ten thousand fell at my right, but God remained there with us on that black night as I prayed with all my might.
The S.S. Paratroopers came dressed in white, dropped in behind us on that stormy night.
Cannons fired point blank; words will never describe that awful fight, but our flag remained all through the night.
My canned beans had frozen; my feet were wet.
Thanks to God they had not frozen yet!
Somehow, some survived this terrible long winter with nothing more than K-rations for our dinner.
We shared a pill box on the Siegfried line-- oh, if we were across the muddy Rhine.
Patton assured us we would be there in no time.
When we were in Strasbourgh,
I thought things were bad.
Later I discovered I should have been glad.
I had a tent to sleep in and that wasn’t bad.
We still have to fight across the Voss Gees mountains, yet--
I wished for a time just to sit.
A bath would be nice;
I’ve had one in my helmet once or twice!
On April 28 we entered Dachau’s gate, found all 10,000 had met their fate.
Come May 8, we thought we were finally done -We had overcome the awful Hun, only to find the job was not done.
There were some S.S. who would not sign-We were rushed to Austria and the Yougo line.
There -- they were compelled to sign!

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