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by Daniel Adjei



By Rodney Morris, II, Army

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From here to there, to those who dare
To stare danger in the eye and refuse to blink,
We Salute.

To the brave and the bold, to the young
And the old, where the waters unfold
And the stories untold,
We Salute.

To the men who were called, to the women
Who stood tall, in the battle on the sand,
In a strange and foreign land,
We Salute.

In the cold, in the rain, in discomfort and
In pain, finding shelter in a hole,
Scabby sores beneath your soles,
We Salute.

From a child missing you, from a mother’s
Heart that’s blue, from a friend of many years,
From a father’s pride with tears,
We Salute.

To those who refuse to bow
While the tears ran down your brow,
When the shackles held you close,
When death seemed sure for most,
We Salute.

To the ones who fell asleep, may you rest
In your peace, for your life was not in vain
But assured that peace will reign,
We Salute.

To those who made it home, know that you’re
Not alone. We too were fighting fears
With hope and prayer all through the years,
We Salute.

To the stars and stripes.
To the tears no one wiped,
To the blood and the stain,
For the freedom that was gained,
As one nation standing tall,
Thanks to you who gave your all.
As we stand, we all applaud,
With one hand we say it all--
A salute from home my friend.
We Salute.

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